Ender’s Game Movie Cast Comes Together

Ender’s Game Cast Heads to New Orleans

The Ender’s Game movie cast has finally landed in New Orleans. Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley are expected to arrive some time next week, Peter actor Jimmy Pinchak leaves for New Orleans on the 13th, and Hailee Steinfeld will not arrive until March. Meanwhile, the battle school students got military haircuts.

Dink actor, Khylin Rhambo shared via Twitter:

Ender Wiggin actor, Asa Butterfield tweeted, “Got a ‘military’ look going down there. i mean, 100 years in the future and a kid saves there world, he has to have a military cut.”

Here’s a picture of Bean actor, Aramis Knight getting his hair buzzed.

 Aramis also shared this picture on his Facebook with the following message: “Cast party with Gavin Hood….Amazing!!!!”

Pictured from left to right: Conor Carrol/Bernard – Asa Buttefield/Ender – Aramis Knight/Bean – Gavin Hood/Ender’s Game director – Khylin Rhambo/Dink – Moises Arias/Bonzo – Brandon Soo Hoo/Fly Molo – Suraj Partha/Alai

It looks like we’re going to get a lot of fun pictures from these actors as filming begins! Notice all their short haircuts- even Gavin! (I think Gavin’s face is great haha, who agrees?)