‘Ender’s Game’ Movie Review by EnderSpeaker

This morning I fully expected to be sitting here writing how my favorite book, ‘Ender’s Game’, had been let down by a poor movie adaptation. The movie I watched today was not a poor adaptation. One of my biggest fears … Continue reading

The Planet Thieves – Dan Krokos, The EnderSpeaker Review

The Planet Thieves – Dan Krokos May 21st 2013 ISBN: 0765334283  Buy on Amazon Who ever said that children make the best warriors especially when faced with an alien threat? Well Orson Scott Card did with the Sci-Fi classic Ender’s Game.  In … Continue reading

‘Ender’s World’ Review by EnderSpeaker

By @EnderSpeaker Have you ever finished a book and wanted to go deeper? You can always read it again, or if you’re lucky read the story’s sequel(s) or prequel(s). Even then, you sometimes need more. That’s how I feel about … Continue reading

Summit Releases Ender’s Game Movie Synopsis

Full Synopsis Released Just a quick little post, Summit has released the full synopsis for the Ender’s Game movie. Have a little glance below: In the near future, a hostile alien race (called the Formics) have attacked Earth. If not … Continue reading

“Ender’s Game” Twitter News Round-Up #7

17-21 June 2012 After a brief hiatus, the Twitter News Round-Up is back! While principal photography is over and the cast has parted ways, we’ll still be combing the nets for any cast/crew updates until the movie’s release. Since most … Continue reading

Blue Hawk Aviation Featured In Ender’s Game Film Production

Earlier this month the Blue Hawk Aviation, an aviation service and consulting company, announced they were contributing to the Ender’s Game film production. Though, not much detail is given to what they did for the production there contribution is on … Continue reading

Opinion: We Want to Be Teased

This week, a few major sci-fi and geek websites posted articles with an Ender’s Game movie teaser poster and some concept art. Ultimately it proved to be fan made, but it got me thinking. When the posters and trailers do arrive, what do I … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Production Blog #9

Producers Answer Fan Questions Last week we got the chance to submit  questions about the Ender’s Game film to the producers. Today, the Ender’s Game Production Blog posted questions they selected from the submissions. One Q&A we found very interesting … Continue reading

“Ender’s Game” Twitter News Round-Up #6

7 May–13 May 2012 This week saw quite a few departures on the “Ender’s Game” set, but also celebrated a birthday for director Gavin Hood and continued filming with Harrison Ford and the central cast. On Wednesday, May 9th, Brandon Soo Hoo (Fly … Continue reading

Official Ender’s Game Blog Post #8: Ask Your Movie Questions

The Official Ender’s Game Production blog updated this week inviting readers to ask their burning questions about the movie. The post begins, “‘I need you to be clever, Bean.  I need you to think of solutions to problems we haven’t … Continue reading