“Ender’s Game” Twitter News Round-Up #7

17-21 June 2012

After a brief hiatus, the Twitter News Round-Up is back! While principal photography is over and the cast has parted ways, we’ll still be combing the nets for any cast/crew updates until the movie’s release. Since most recent Twitter postings were rolled into other news stories, this should be a short and sweet update.

1) Asa Butterfield has left LA and is back home in England.  Looks like the photo shoots are done – it could be a while before we see our cast all together again!

2) A fellow “Ender’s Game” fan tracked down this YouTube video of Aramis Knight…behind the wheel?  Check it out here.

3) I’m sure most of you have seen this by now, but Aramis Knight also posted this photo of a copy of “Ender’s Game” that he had signed by some of the cast and crew.

Starting top left, Aramis managed to get this book signed by:

  • Sir Ben Kingsley (Mazer Rackham)
  • Aramis Knight (Bean)
  • Harrison Ford (Colonel Hyrum Graff)
  • Hailee Steinfeld (Petra Arkanian)
  • Asa Butterfield (Ender Wiggin)
  • Orson Scott Card (author)

And on the right:

  • Gavin Hood (director)
  • Viola Davis (Major Gwen Anderson)
  • Khylin Rhambo (Dink Meeker)
  • Jimmy Pinchak (Peter Wiggin)
  • Nonso Anozie (Sergeant Dap)
  • Suraj Partha (Alai)
  • Cameron Gaskins (Pol Slattery)
  • Moises Arias (Bonzo Madrid)
  • Abigail Breslin (Valentine Wiggin)
  • Brandon Soo Hoo (Fly Molo)
  • Conor Carroll (Bernard)

I believe my immediate response was to tell him to shrink wrap it and not lay a finger on it for twenty years… What an awesome keepsake for him (and a horrible tease for us)!

Until next time, fellow Twitter fans!  @Wiggin47