‘Ender’s Game’ Movie Review by EnderSpeaker

This morning I fully expected to be sitting here writing how my favorite book, ‘Ender’s Game’, had been let down by a poor movie adaptation. The movie I watched today was not a poor adaptation. One of my biggest fears … Continue reading

Summit Releases Ender’s Game Movie Synopsis

Full Synopsis Released Just a quick little post, Summit has released the full synopsis for the Ender’s Game movie. Have a little glance below: In the near future, a hostile alien race (called the Formics) have attacked Earth. If not … Continue reading

“Ender’s Game” Twitter News Round-Up #7

17-21 June 2012 After a brief hiatus, the Twitter News Round-Up is back! While principal photography is over and the cast has parted ways, we’ll still be combing the nets for any cast/crew updates until the movie’s release. Since most … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Cast and the Oscars

Oscar Round Up Major Anderson actress, Viola Davis, was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role. The picture to the left was taken a few hours ago on the red carpet. Her hair is very short for a woman, … Continue reading

Confirmed for Ender’s Game Movie: Kingsley and Soo Hoo

Deadline Confirms According to Deadline, both Ben Kingsley and Brandon Soo Hoo are now confirmed actors for the Ender’s Game movie. Kingsley has been in talks for the role of Mazer Rackham for some time. In case you missed it, … Continue reading

Asa Butterfield Talks Ender’s Game Movie and Being Young

Asa Butterfield Looks Forward to Working with Kingsley BBC America has just posted a wonderful clip of Asa Butterfield, the actor set to play Ender, talking Ender’s Game and Ben Kingsley. “That’s going to be incredible, reuniting with him,” says … Continue reading

Kingsley Almost in Ender’s Game Movie

Says He’s Nearly Done with Negotiations Last Thursday, Ben Kingsley sat down for NPR’s on Point on which he talked about his possible involvement in the Ender’s Game movie as Mazer Rackham. NPR’s Tom Ashbrook asked: “Are you also going … Continue reading

Major Ender’s Game Movie Casting News!

Peter, Valentine, Bean and More! Check out all these confirmed actors for Ender’s Game, just announced by Variety! Edit: You can have a more in depth view of the about the actors by clicking here. Harrison Ford as Graff (below) … Continue reading

Ben Kingsley Hints at Ender’s Game Movie

Kingsley’s Read the Script, Lips Are Sealed Last night at the Young Adult movie premiere at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles Ben Kingsley was spotted walking the red carpet. USA Today reports, ” [He] winked at … Continue reading

Ben Kingsley May Play Mazer Rackham in the Ender’s Game Movie

Another Big Name in Talks to Join the Ender’s Game Movie According to the UK Press Association, British actor Ben Kingsley is in talks to play a “legendary war hero presumed to be long dead” in an upcoming sci-fi movie. … Continue reading