‘Ender’s World’ Review by EnderSpeaker

By @EnderSpeaker Have you ever finished a book and wanted to go deeper? You can always read it again, or if you’re lucky read the story’s sequel(s) or prequel(s). Even then, you sometimes need more. That’s how I feel about … Continue reading

“Ender’s Game” Twitter News Round-Up #7

17-21 June 2012 After a brief hiatus, the Twitter News Round-Up is back! While principal photography is over and the cast has parted ways, we’ll still be combing the nets for any cast/crew updates until the movie’s release. Since most … Continue reading

“Ender’s Game” Twitter News Round-Up #6

7 May–13 May 2012 This week saw quite a few departures on the “Ender’s Game” set, but also celebrated a birthday for director Gavin Hood and continued filming with Harrison Ford and the central cast. On Wednesday, May 9th, Brandon Soo Hoo (Fly … Continue reading

“Ender’s Game” Twitter News Round-Up #5

2 May–6 May 2012 Not a whole lot new to report from the set of “Ender’s Game” this week.  The cast spent their weekend relaxing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, eating sushi, exploring abandoned Six Flags amusement parks, and … Continue reading

“Ender’s Game” Twitter News Round-Up #3

15-22 April 2012 Welcome to a revitalized installment of the weekly “Ender’s Game” Twitter news round-up, a selection of some of the most interesting, funny, silly, crazy, or otherwise noteworthy posts from cast and crew.  These are only highlights of the … Continue reading

Rumor: Ender’s Game at Comic-Con 2013

Publicity Mirrors Hunger Games Recall that the Ender’s Game Movie release date was moved to November 1, 2013. With this piece of news Variety reports that Ender’s Game may be making an appearance at next year’s Comic-Con in 2013. “An … Continue reading

Win an Advance Reading Copy of Earth Unaware

Hurry to Enter to Win! The lastest edition to the Enderverse, called Earth Unaware, is due out this July. Earth Unaware is a prequel to Ender’s Game, co-written by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston, who has written various Ender … Continue reading

Official Ender’s Game Movie Blog: Ender’s Days

Ender’s Days The Official Ender’s Game Movie Blog posted a photo today of some of the Battle School boys in a flight simulator at Space Camp.  Featured in the photo, from left to right, is Aramis (Bean), Moises (Bonzo), Asa … Continue reading

Teacher Reinstated After Assigning Ender’s Game to Students

Schofield Teacher Reinstated A few weeks ago we reported on a parent  who questioned the appropriateness of three books in a middle school classroom, Ender’s Game included, calling one or more of the books pornographic. The South Carolina teacher was … Continue reading

Official Ender’s Game Movie Blog: Ender’s World

Ender’s World The Official Ender’s Game Movie Blog has a new behind-the-scenes photo from the set today! You can see a photo from the utility deck of the battle school to the left (click to enlarge). The post begins, “If … Continue reading