Rumor: Zach Mills Cast in Ender’s Game Movie

What Character Description Does He Match? We spotted something interesting on Twitter that we couldn’t resist sharing with the Ender’s Game community. We spotted a young man congratulating actor Brendan Meyer on his newly announced role as Stilson, saying that … Continue reading

Stilson is Cast in Ender’s Game Movie

Brendan Meyer Cast as StilsonTHR has just announced that Canadian actor Brendan Meyer has landed a role in the Ender’s Game movie. Brendan Meyer is a 17-year-old Disney star, best known for his role as Adam Young in the Disney … Continue reading

Hailee Steinfeld In Talks for Ender’s Game Movie

Hailee Steinfeld May Play Petra Variety is reporting that Oscar-nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld is in negotiations to play the role of Petra Arkanian in Gavin Hood’s adaption of the Ender’s Game movie. Hailee Steinfeld best known for her starring role … Continue reading

Ender is Cast!

Asa Butterfield is Cast as Ender! It’s the news we’ve all be been waiting for! According to Deadline, 14-year-old Asa Butterfield has been offered the role of Ender Wiggin. You may recognize this rising actor from the upcoming movie, Hugo. … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Movie Auditions Two More Characters

Two School Bullies You can see here, that two new names have been added to the list of roles currently auditioning for the Ender’s Game Movie. They are listed as Bernard, and Stilson (fka Stillman). For those unfamiliar with the … Continue reading