Ender’s Game Movie Casting Call

Inside the Ender’s Game Casting Call Again! If case you missed this week’s news, there’s another round of open casting call for the Ender’s Game movie happening today! If you couldn’t make it for whatever reason (too far, too old), we … Continue reading

Inside the Ender’s Game Movie Casting Call

Casting Directs Seek Homeschooled Students for Battle School Today there was an open casting call in New Orleans for the Ender’s Game movie. The casting announcement called for “bright and talented kids and teens ages 10-17 of varying ethnic background.” … Continue reading

Major Ender’s Game Movie Casting News!

Peter, Valentine, Bean and More! Check out all these confirmed actors for Ender’s Game, just announced by Variety! Edit: You can have a more in depth view of the about the actors by clicking here. Harrison Ford as Graff (below) … Continue reading

Rumor: Zach Mills Cast in Ender’s Game Movie

What Character Description Does He Match? We spotted something interesting on Twitter that we couldn’t resist sharing with the Ender’s Game community. We spotted a young man congratulating actor Brendan Meyer on his newly announced role as Stilson, saying that … Continue reading

Stilson is Cast in Ender’s Game Movie

Brendan Meyer Cast as StilsonTHR has just announced that Canadian actor Brendan Meyer has landed a role in the Ender’s Game movie. Brendan Meyer is a 17-year-old Disney star, best known for his role as Adam Young in the Disney … Continue reading

Ben Kingsley Hints at Ender’s Game Movie

Kingsley’s Read the Script, Lips Are Sealed Last night at the Young Adult movie premiere at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles Ben Kingsley was spotted walking the red carpet. USA Today reports, ” [He] winked at … Continue reading

Ben Kingsley May Play Mazer Rackham in the Ender’s Game Movie

Another Big Name in Talks to Join the Ender’s Game Movie According to the UK Press Association, British actor Ben Kingsley is in talks to play a “legendary war hero presumed to be long dead” in an upcoming sci-fi movie. … Continue reading

Harrison Ford Wanted for Ender’s Game Movie… and More

Harrison Ford Courted for Another Movie We previoiusly reported that Harrison Ford is talks to play Colonel Graff in the Ender’s Game movie. However, it looks like he’s being courted for another movie as well. According to Deadline, Ford is … Continue reading