New Additions to the Ender’s Game Movie Cast

IMDb Lists Three New roles

The Ender’s Game IMDb page has added a few new minor cast members recently.  IMDb can be modified by anyone with a paid subscription, and these additions have not been confirmed by the production company, but the cast seems to be getting more complete.

Han Soto has been listed as Colonel Graff’s aide.  His acting credits include Blood Out and the TV show Burn Notice, and minor roles in other movies and television shows.



Wendy Miklovic has been listed as a female doctor.  Her credits include Bending the Rules and The Relationship Theorem.



Joseph Uzzell has been listed as a medic.  His credits include Common Law and Breakout Kings, television shows Wendy Miklovic has also made appearances in.



What do you think of these new cast members and their roles?  Do they look like they could work at Battle School?