‘Ender’s Game’ Movie Review by EnderSpeaker

This morning I fully expected to be sitting here writing how my favorite book, ‘Ender’s Game’, had been let down by a poor movie adaptation. The movie I watched today was not a poor adaptation. One of my biggest fears … Continue reading


KENOBI – JOHN JACKSON MILLER (STAR WARS) Review               How do you stop being a Jedi? The Jedi Order has been all but destroyed and a Sith Lord sits as Emperor of the Galaxy. … Continue reading

‘Earth Afire’ Review

‘EARTH AFIRE’ – ORSON SCOTT CARD & AARON JOHNSTON ‘Earth Afire’ blasts onto the scene and never pretends to be anything but the rip-roaring-alien- invasion-story we have all anticipated. Arriving as the second book chronicling the First Formic War, this entry into … Continue reading

The Planet Thieves – Dan Krokos, The EnderSpeaker Review

The Planet Thieves – Dan Krokos May 21st 2013 ISBN: 0765334283  Buy on Amazon Who ever said that children make the best warriors especially when faced with an alien threat? Well Orson Scott Card did with the Sci-Fi classic Ender’s Game.  In … Continue reading

25 Perfect Days Review

ISBN 9781938475030 Release July 2nd Ebook TBC In 25 Perfect Days Mark Tullius chronicles a slow degeneration into the ultimate fascist state through twenty-five interlinked short stories set over a forty-year period. Throughout the twenty-five short stories the authors focus … Continue reading