THE PHILOTIC ANSIBLE Podcast: Aaron Johnston, Part 1

Interview with Aaron Johnston, co-author of the forthcoming Ender prequel novel Earth Unaware: The First Formic War, featuring a young Mazer Rackham, in bookstores July 17, 2012. We are very pleased to present the second podcast resulting from the partnership … Continue reading

Introducing THE PHILOTIC ANSIBLE Podcast: The First Battle School Engineer

Interview with Steve Sywak, First Battle School Engineer We are very pleased to present the first of (we hope) many podcast features resulting from the partnership of The Philotic Web Ender Fan Community, and Ender’s Ansible. Please read the bottom … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Production Blog #10

I.F. Logo! Bean’s Role! Time! And More! New Production Blog, with some more fantastic fan-submitted questions, and a fascinating picture! Here’s three of my favorite below – go to the Ender’s Game Production Blog right now to see the rest! … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Concept Art? And exciting things to come… [ UPDATED ]

UPDATE: From Summit PR, regarding the below post: These are NOT from the film. The Ben Proctor image was a personal sketch that was done years ago, before he was ever affiliated with the ENDER’S GAME production. It was his … Continue reading

‘Ender’s World’ Book of OSC Edited Ender Essays

New Volume of Ender Essays Announced Aaron Johnston, collaborator on the Formic Wars comics and co-author of the forthcoming novel  Earth Unaware: The First Formic War just tweeted that he “Just turned in [his] essay for” Ender’s World: Fresh Perspectives … Continue reading

Tidbits From Ender Producer Roberto Orci

Roberto Orci on Involvement with OSC, Sequels, and Faithfulness to the Original Story Over at a talkback on a post at Aint It Cool News covering the Ender’s Game Production Blog, Ender producer Roberto Orci stopped by to answer a … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Production Roundup

Ender’s Game Twitter News Digest The following is provided as a service for those who do not follow the Twitter feeds for the cast and crew of Ender’s Game. Apart from seeing ample evidence of the fun and friendship going … Continue reading

CONFIRMED: Stilson Recast in Ender’s Game film

Brendan Meyer replaced as Stilson by Caleb J. Thaggard due to scheduling conflict From Brendan Meyer’s Facebook page: “Hey guys. Unfortunately, I had to leave the cast of Ender’s Game due to a last minute scheduling conflict. Although I’m disappointed, … Continue reading

A Song for Ender

Longtime Ender fan (and a long-time registered member)  Noah Silver has recorded a wonderful song inspired by Ender’s Game. Especially to all Ender’s Game Cast members reading out there – check it out! Tell us what you think! Noah … Continue reading

Call for Questions for Ender authors Aaron Johnston and Jake Black

Would you like to contribute to our interviews with Ender authors?  Ender’s Ansible and are preparing a series of interviews with individuals of interest to Ender fans. [see our first interview with Ender’s Shadow comic artist Sebastián Fiumara . … Continue reading