Call for Questions for Ender authors Aaron Johnston and Jake Black

Would you like to contribute to our interviews with Ender authors?  Ender’s Ansible and are preparing a series of interviews with individuals of interest to Ender fans. [see our first interview with Ender’s Shadow comic artist Sebastián Fiumara . … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview With Ender’s Game Comic Illustrator

Exclusive Interview with Sebastián Fiumara Sebastián Fiumara is an artist who has brought faces to Ender, Bean, Achilles and many more in the Ender’s Game comics. His illustrations have been included in Ender’s Shadow: Battle School, Ender’s Shadow: Command School, and … Continue reading

Asa Butterfield Discusses Ender’s Game Movie

Asa Butterfield Comments on Being Offered the Role of Ender DailyBlam scored an exclusive interview with Ender-hopeful, Asa Butterfield. When asked about being offered the role of Ender Wiggin, Butterfield was very coy with his response. He said, “nothing is … Continue reading