‘Ender’s Game’ Inspired Design

‘Game On’ by Drew Brockington Meet Drew Brockington. He’s an ‘Ender’s Game’ fan who discovered his love for design in college. He started out designing album covers and posters for local bands, but he has since moved on to creating … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Valentine’s Day Cards

Free Downloads! Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away so we thought we’d share some Ender’s Game themed Valentine’s Day cards we made for you! There are 8 different Valentine’s Day cards in all featuring your favorite characters: Ender, Peter, … Continue reading

Introducing THE PHILOTIC ANSIBLE Podcast: The First Battle School Engineer

Interview with Steve Sywak, First Battle School Engineer We are very pleased to present the first of (we hope) many podcast features resulting from the partnership of The Philotic Web Ender Fan Community, and Ender’s Ansible. Please read the bottom … Continue reading

A Song for Ender

Longtime Ender fan (and a long-time registered PhiloticWeb.net member)  Noah Silver has recorded a wonderful song inspired by Ender’s Game. Especially to all Ender’s Game Cast members reading out there – check it out! Tell us what you think! Noah … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For some fun, read up a little on St. Valentine, the namesake of Miss Valentine Wiggin (played in the Ender’s Game film by the wonderful Abigail Breslin). And also, on a more serious note, it’s become somewhat of a philoticweb.net … Continue reading