‘Ender’s Game’ Inspired Design

game-on-2‘Game On’ by Drew Brockington

Meet Drew Brockington. He’s an ‘Ender’s Game’ fan who discovered his love for design in college. He started out designing album covers and posters for local bands, but he has since moved on to creating logos and T-shirt designs.

He tells us that he’s been a fan of ‘Ender’s Game’ since he first read it in the sixth grade. He says, “It was the same copy that my two older brothers read. The paper back is almost destroyed, but it’s like a holy relic in my family.  It has a spot of prominence on a bookshelf in my home.”

GameOnSketchAs you can image, a dual love of design and ‘Ender’s Game’ sparked inspiration for a spectacular project. Drew worked on the design pictured here for almost one year. He began sketching the project he calls ‘Game On’ while riding the train to work each morning; see early sketches of the design at the right. He wanted his design to reflect the three dimensional space of the battle room. “I wanted something that could show the dimensions of the battles, but without getting too specific to the actual characters,” Drew describes. Drew’s ‘Ender’s Game’ inspired design is available for purchase as t-shirts, prints, laptop skins and more. You can purchase them from his Society6 store.

3488176_10250443-tsrmw115_lDrew is looking forward to the release of the ‘Ender’s Game’ movie this November. He thinks Harrison Ford is the “perfect kind of grumpy” for Colonel Graff, and he can’t wait to see how the production team has designed the game simulators.

Drew Brockington is currently working on his own graphic novel called ‘Beacon’. The first two chapters will not be released until April, but you can preview it here. To see more of his designs visit Drew’s website, and follow him on Twitter and Tumblr.