3D or not 3D?

That is my question.

Go to your local cinema and provided it’s not a quaint old style small town theatre, then you’re sure to find at least one movie showing in 3D. The last 4 years or so has seen somewhat of a resurgence in the 3D movie landscape. The majority of major new films now have a 3D release, even if it is a retrofitted, post production afterthought. Its even spreading to some old(er) favourites such as Star Wars and Titanic, both now being released after the 3D retrofit.

When you consider why this is the case, one movie comes to mind – Avatar. After grossing more than $2 billion at the worldwide box office (the most ever) and winning 3 of its 9 Oscar nominations, it is one of the most successful films ever made. I’d like to suggest that this is the reason we’ve seen this massive 3D movement happening at our local cinemas. The logic goes, if you want a successful movie then emulate the most successful movie ever, to most that appears to say, make it in 3D. I think they missed the point. Avatar was not successful because it was made in 3D. Consider this, the top 3 grossing movies at the box office.

US Domestic

  1. Avatar – $760 million
  2. Titanic – $600 million
  3. The Dark Knight – $533 million


  1. Avatar – $2.7 billion
  2. Titanic – $1.8 billion
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 – $1.3 billion
Figures from Empire Magazine April 2012

So my point, both in the US and worldwide the top 2 films are directed by James Cameron, perhaps Mr Cameron knows how to make a successful movie. 3D enhanced Avatar as it aided in our suspension of disbelief, it helped you feel like you were there and involved in the story. I can honestly say I didn’t even realize I was watching a 3D movie until I had to remove my glasses at the end. How many 3D films have you seen that remind you every few minutes that your watching a 3D film by throwing something out of the screen? Enough already, we get it, it’s in 3D!

As for Ender’s Game, I’m a massive fan and I want to see a successful adaptation of my favorite book. I’m sure most of you have thought that the battle room in 3D would look awesome, I too have thought this, although as mentioned above I have some reservations as to how it is implemented. Here are my demands.

  • Don’t throw stuff at me (the screen)
  • Film it in 3D, do not retrofit
  • Please, please don’t call it Ender’s Game 3D

Listen to me or I will not be impressed. And a final point, if The Hunger Games, and Twilight don’t need 3D to make millions happy, then Ender’s Game does not. The story and some good film making will be more than enough for my favorite book to rock the big screen, I have faith in it – does the studio?

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