Happy Birthday Philotic Web and Ender’s Ansible!

Happy birthday to Philoticweb.net,¬†our sister website, who has been serving the Ender’s Game fandom for 12 years. On June 30th, 2000 Ender’s Game author, Orson Scott Card, became the first person to register on their website. Since then, they’ve been personally mentioned in 4 of the books: Shadow the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets, Ender in Exile and The Authorized Ender Companion. If you haven’t already registered there, I suggest you do so because they are awesome people!

Ender’s Ansible was founded 1 year ago on June 30th, 2011. (The date is pure coincidental!) Can you believe how fast it went by?! Let’s review the year to see what Ender’s Ansible and Philotic Web have accomplished together:

1 Hosting move
12 Staff members
1 Amazing partnership
5 Different layouts between our two sites (see below!)
3 Exclusive interviews (Sebastian Fiumara, Steve Sywak and another to be released very soon!)
2000+ Facebook likes (many were lost in the hosting move, are you one of them?)
The launch of our Podcast, Tumblr and Pintrest
200+ Posts (or about 1 post ever 43 hours!)
5000+ Emails (probably more)
600+ Twitter followers &
1 Set visit

For fun here’s what our very first header looked like:

And an old one from Philotic Web:

Thank you, our readers, for supporting us!