Beyond Fiction: Ender’s Spirals

article-2051661-0E7408BE00000578-283_634x422Chan Hwee Chong

Ender spread his hands over the child-size keyboard near the edge of the desk and wondered what it would feel like to have hands as large as a grown up’s. They must feel so big and awkward, thick stubby fingers and beefy palms. Of course, they had bigger keyboards— but how could their thick fingers draw a fine line, the way Ender could, a thin line so precise that he could make it spiral seventy-nine times from the center to the edge of the desk without the lines ever touching or overlapping. It gave him something to do while the teacher droned on about arithmetic.

-‘Ender’s Game’ by Orson Scott Card, page 5

Meet Chan Hwee Chong; he’s a 34-year-old artist based in Beijing, China. He’s not a child like Ender Wiggin, but he still has hands so deft that he can trace spirals endlessly without overlapping. With a single careful stroke, Hwee Chong turns each spiral into a masterpiece.


Of course Hwee Chong didn’t use a ‘desk’ tablet to construct these illustrations. Hwee Chong used a Faber Castell Artist Pen to recreate Vermeer’s ‘Girl With a Pearl Earring’ and other famous artworks as part of an advertisement for Faber Castell. Hwee Chong says, “It wasn’t as easy as we thought. We went through many rounds of trial and error, painstaking drawing the masterpieces in one controlled line, by hand.  As you can imagine, every mistake meant we need to start all over again. This project not only involved skill but lots of resilience and patience, much like a spider spinning its web.”

Watch Hwee Chong working below:

To see more of Hwee Chong’s spiral artwork, visit his online gallery.

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Source: Daily Mail.