Beyond Fiction: Government Recruits Young Geniuses with a Game

Cyber Aces “Ender hadn’t cracked the teachers’ security system yet, so he couldn’t pretend to be a teacher. But he was able to set up a file for a nonexistant student, whom he whimsically named God. […] Then he settled … Continue reading

Beyond Fiction: Jane

Meet Jane’s Common Ancestor, Siri Her voice was a whisper from the jewel in his ear. […] The computers of the Hundred Worlds were hands and feet, eyes and ears to her. She spoke every language that had ever been … Continue reading

Beyond Fiction: Taboo Names

Names Tainted by Evil Acts The Speaker grimaced. “Try ‘Ender.’ “ “Ender? The Xenocide?” “Just try it.” It worked. Olhado didn’t get it. “Why would you have a password like that? It’s like having a dirty word for your password, only … Continue reading

Beyond Fiction: Asteroid Mining

Asteroid Mining May Be the Next Gold Rush In mining terms, the asteroid was a “lumpy,” or a rock rich in iron, cobalt, nickel, and other ferromagnetic minerals. Miners used scanners to look for concentrations of metal in the stone, … Continue reading

Beyond Fiction: The Third Life

Warning: Major ‘Speaker for the Dead’ Spoilers “The first life is within the mothertree, where we never see the light, and where we eat blindly the meat of our mother’s body and the sap of the mothertree. The second life … Continue reading

Beyond Fiction: Ender’s Spirals

Chan Hwee Chong Ender spread his hands over the child-size keyboard near the edge of the desk and wondered what it would feel like to have hands as large as a grown up’s. They must feel so big and awkward, … Continue reading