Revised ‘Ender’s Game’ edition postponed

book coverThe long-awaited revised ‘Ender’s Game’ edition has been postponed.

At the end of July, Orson Scott Card’s wife requested help from fans to reconcile correct contradictions between ‘Ender’s Game’ and other novels in the series. She wrote, “It would be most helpful to have all of these posted by 15 August 2014, so I have time to do the rewrites and edits before the due date.

Fans have anticipated this revised editions for years. When Card’s wife solicited help on Hatrack, it seemed as though the book would be published soon. However, months have passed with no release date.

We emailed Tor regarding this ‘Ender’s Game’ edition, and the email response we received from Tor in-part says, “The anniversary edition of ‘Ender’s Game’ has been pulled from the season and we currently don’t have a tentative date as to when we’ll be publishing it.”

Therefore, the revised ‘Ender’s Game’ edition was originally planned to be published this season, but has been pulled for unknown reasons. Of course this could be held as good news. Now Card has more time to collect corrections. If you wish to submit a correction, click here.