Centipede Press Wants Fan Input on Next Enderverse Edition

Shadows in Flight cover artWith the success of the illustrated edition of ‘Ender’s Game’ in October, Centipede Press is considering publishing another Enderverse novel or collection.

In a newsletter Sunday morning, the publisher asked fans which Enderverse novel to publish next. According to the newsletter, ‘Ender’s Game’ author, Orson Scott Card, has suggested picking a novel from either the Shadow series or First Formic War series. Card also suggested publishing a complete collection of Ender short stories.

“Mr Card also suggested a collection of ALL the Ender universe short fiction,” reads the Centipede Press newsletter. “Something that has never been done, an ‘Anthology of all the Ender-related short fiction, including the ones in First Meetings and all the rest which have never before collected in one book.'”

What Enderverse material would you like to see published by Centipede Press? Leave a comment below!

Please send your suggestions to jerad@centipedepress.com.