‘The Hive’ to be published in June, pre-order available

An updated Amazon listing reveals that ‘The Hive’ by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston will be published on June 11, 2019.

‘The Hive’ will be the second novel in the Second Formic War Trilogy, which is also a prequel to the original ‘Ender’s Game’ novel.

The description reads:

Card and Johnston continue the fast-paced hard science fiction history of the Formic Wars—the alien invasions of Earth’s Solar System that ultimately led to Ender Wiggin’s total victory in Ender’s Game.

A coalition of Earth’s nations barely fought off the Formics’ first scout ship. Now it’s clear that there’s a mother-ship out on edge of the system, and the aliens are prepared to take Earth by force. Can Earth’s warring nations and corporations put aside their differences and mount an effective defense?

According to Amazon, ‘The Hive’ is 368 pages, is significantly shorter than the novel’s direct prequel, ‘The Swarm’, by 100 pages. ‘The Hive’ is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

The cover art for ‘The Hive’ has not yet been released.

Thanks to u/MavickVCT on Reddit for the tip.