OSC previews first chapters of ‘Shadows Alive’

On Monday, ‘Ender’s Game’ author Orson Scott Card published the first draft of a new Enderverse short story called, The Messenger on his subscription email service, Uncle Orson on the Fly.

He writes that this short story may serve as the first few chapters of ‘Shadows Alive’, which is the long-awaited sequel that will tie together Ender’s story line and Bean’s story line.

Card has previously published a few Enderverse short stories that have become full length novels, including the original Ender’s Game novella and Gloriously Bright which became the basis for ‘Xenocide’.

Card also notes that The Messenger will be published in an original anthology, which lends the notion that other Enderverse short stories may be published alongside The Messenger. This anthology may be the same as the one mentioned in 2015  and will possibly include the two short stories Card wrote last year.

To read the 11,000 words of The Messenger, click here to subscribe to Uncle Orson on the Fly.

Thanks to u/MavikVCT on Reddit for the tip.