Blue Hawk Aviation Featured In Ender’s Game Film Production

Earlier this month the Blue Hawk Aviation, an aviation service and consulting company, announced they were contributing to the Ender’s Game film production. Though, not much detail is given to what they did for the production there contribution is on … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Movie Teaser Poster Rumor

There has been a rumor that this poster is the official teaser poster for the Ender’s Game film. However, as suspicion arose Ender’s Game producer, Bob Orci made it clear on his twitter that the poster is fan made. As … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Production Blog #9

Producers Answer Fan Questions Last week we got the chance to submit  questions about the Ender’s Game film to the producers. Today, the Ender’s Game Production Blog posted questions they selected from the submissions. One Q&A we found very interesting … Continue reading

Orson Scott Card Visits Ender’s Game Movie Set

Scene Descriptions and More So last week OSC made a visit to the EG set, where he recorded “a voiceover of a pilot making an announcement to his passengers.” OSC recalls in great detail what he saw on set, watching … Continue reading

Official Ender’s Game Blog Post #7

This week Ender’s Game Blog gave us a sneak peek of the cast training. They also gave some info upon Dragon Army. Dragon Army has come to be known as a repository of misfits and failures.  As a member of … Continue reading

Bobby Cohen Talks Ender’s Game Movie

Fluxed as we are about the film, MTV News knows what’s gravitating in the world of Ender’s Game. Recently, on the set of “Now You See Me” they caught up with Bobby Cohen. Alike Alex Kurtzman in a recent interview, … Continue reading

Casting Rumor For “Mick”

Our friends at Ender News were tipped by a reliable source that Jacob Leinbach has been cast for the role of “Mick”, the boy who approaches Ender when he first enters the mess hall and offers the advice to “kiss butt” if … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Production Blog #5: Ender’s Monitor

Ender’s Monitor The Official Ender’s Game Production Blog has been updated, giving us a glimpse of Ender’s monitor. Though, the monitor is only seen briefly at the beginning of the novel, it “allows Colonel Graff to “see through [Ender’s] eyes” and … Continue reading