Ender’s Game Casting Reactions

Peter, Valentine and Others Share Their Excitement

The actors of Ender’s Game are busy sharing their excitement with their fans.
Check out their many tweets below!

Peter actor, Jimmy Pinchak tweeted us his eagerness to get on the set of Ender’s Game:

Valentine actress, Abigail Breslin shared this reaction with her Twitter followers:

Alai actor, Suraj Parthasarathy posted his excitement too:

Dink actor, Khylin Rhambo shared this to all his fans and facebook friends:

Edit: Two more! Bean actor, Aramis Knight posted this unsolicited response to a link on my personalfacebook:

And shortly after he tweeted this:

Stilson actor, Brendan Meyer tweeted:

And in case you missed it, he also tweeted earlier this week (a lot actually, more than pictured):

We’ll let you know if any other of the young actors tweet about the Ender’s Game movie. Until then, click here for a more complete look at the entire Ender’s Cast!