Confirmed for Ender’s Game Movie: Kingsley and Soo Hoo

Deadline Confirms

According to Deadline, both Ben Kingsley and Brandon Soo Hoo are now confirmed actors for the Ender’s Game movie. Kingsley has been in talks for the role of Mazer Rackham for some time. In case you missed it, you can hear a short interview he did for NPR a few weeks ago here (Skip ahead to 43:10). In the interview he calls Asa Butterfield a miracle; recall that he recently worked with Asa in the movie Hugo. 

Young Brandon Soo Hoo has been cast in the role of Fly Molo. Brandon Soo Hoo is of Chinese descent. In the Ender’s Game novel, Fly Molo is of Filipino descent. He has been in the movies Tropic Thunder and G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra.

Actors for Mick and Rose the Nose have still not been announced. We’ll yet you know (if and) when they are announced. Filming starts in a few weeks on February 24th.

Edit: Robert Orci, one of the producers of the Ender’s Game movie just tweeted “Thank you, Sir Ben!!!!” in response to this news.