Ender’s Game Movie Adds Two More to Cast

Meet Sergeant Dap and Mr. John Paul Wiggin

According to Deadline, two more characters have been cast in the Ender’s Game movie!
Nonso Azonie will play Sergeant Dap, also known as the launchies’ “mom.” He has been in Conan the Barbarian (2011), The Grey and will appear in an upcoming episode of the HBO series Game of Thrones. See his picture below.

Stevie Ray Dallimore has been cast as John Paul Wiggin, Ender’s father. He will act opposite Andrea Powell, who we reported would play Ender’s mother Theresa Wiggin last week. Dallimore was most recently in the film Joyful Noise. See his picture below!

What do you all think, do they look right for their respective parts? Thanks, Jeremy on Philotic Web for the tip! (And yes, I will be updating the cast page, the links at the side and the collage of all the actors shortly!)