Tidbits From Ender Producer Roberto Orci

Roberto Orci on Involvement with OSC, Sequels, and Faithfulness to the Original Story

RobertoOrciOver at a talkback on a post at Aint It Cool News covering the Ender’s Game Production Blog, Ender producer Roberto Orci stopped by to answer a few questions, and to make some comments of interest:

“We have been in meaningful contact with Mr. Card. He is as smart as his book indicates. He has been a great resource for us in every way.”

“Sequels are tricky. For one, we never like to count on sequels until they hatch. On the other hand, Card has written so much awesome material in this universe that there is much to figure out. Hope we get the chance.”

“When adapting something so beloved You gotta make sure you keep the soul of it intact while doing what is necessary to translate to live action. I know that’s not much of an answer, but i can tell you that we are treating the book preciously.”


QUESTION: What are your feelings on the Shadow books and the Speaker books? Do you feel it’s possible to adapt both to the screen, or do you think the latter series would be too difficult, disconnected and abstract for audiences? I’m not asking what Summit’s plans for the franchise are – I just think it would be interesting to know what you think.

ROBERTO ORCI: Certain elements may lend themselves well to adaptation.

How do you feel about how the production is going based on what you’ve seen and heard by those involved?