Introducing THE PHILOTIC ANSIBLE Podcast: The First Battle School Engineer

Interview with Steve Sywak, First Battle School Engineer We are very pleased to present the first of (we hope) many podcast features resulting from the partnership of The Philotic Web Ender Fan Community, and Ender’s Ansible. Please read the bottom … Continue reading

My Visit to the Ender’s Game Movie Set

Did you know they eat alligator in Louisiana?  My visit to the Ender’s Game movie set on Tuesday May 22 was a mind-blowing all-day experience. It was great meeting everyone on set and from the press- especially Kelly from Ender News, Crystal … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Concept Art? And exciting things to come… [ UPDATED ]

UPDATE: From Summit PR, regarding the below post: These are NOT from the film. The Ben Proctor image was a personal sketch that was done years ago, before he was ever affiliated with the ENDER’S GAME production. It was his … Continue reading


Whoa. We’ve spotted Ender’s Ansible all over the nets lately. Very cool 🙂 Collider. Collider. (Again!) Rama’s Screen. Lemons are Louder. Latino Review. Most Visited. Slash Film. i09. Screen Rant. Nerd Bastards. The Daily What. Cheezburger. Let’s hope we don’t … Continue reading

CLOSED: Interested in Joining the Ender’s Ansible Staff?

There’s been a lot of changes around here lately! First of all, welcome LilBee and Kelly to the Ender’s Ansible staff! The whole team has been working on new pages: New: The Staff Page New: Culture References to Ender’s Game … Continue reading

Call for Questions for Ender authors Aaron Johnston and Jake Black

Would you like to contribute to our interviews with Ender authors?  Ender’s Ansible and are preparing a series of interviews with individuals of interest to Ender fans. [see our first interview with Ender’s Shadow comic artist Sebastián Fiumara . … Continue reading

What’s New?

Over the weekend Ender’s Ansible switched hosts. There are still some things to be worked on: like broken links, putting the fan art back up and transferring some of the (much) older posts. All of the previous comments were lost … Continue reading