Opinion: We Want to Be Teased

This week, a few major sci-fi and geek websites posted articles with an Ender’s Game movie teaser poster and some concept art. Ultimately it proved to be fan made, but it got me thinking. When the posters and trailers do arrive, what do I … Continue reading

I Loved Ender’s Game, Whats next?

Someone recently enquired, “What do people ask you most about Ender’s Game?” I simply responded, “What do I read next?” The problem with this question is the answer, more often than not I am asked this on Twitter so only … Continue reading

3D or not 3D?

That is my question. Go to your local cinema and provided it’s not a quaint old style small town theatre, then you’re sure to find at least one movie showing in 3D. The last 4 years or so has seen … Continue reading

Ender & Bean

Ender & Bean written by reader Reuben Lack If you’re interested in contributing an editorial or fan art to the site, contact us. As we look forward towards the Ender’s Game movie, it may be interesting to conduct an analysis that looks … Continue reading

Enderverse Canon

Enderverse Canon written by reader philoticweb Canon is “the conceptual material accepted as “official” in a fictional universe’s fan base.” With Orson Scott Card’s novel, Ender’s Game, coming to the big screen just over a year from now, understanding the canon of … Continue reading

Movie Sequel Debate – Ender or Bean

Speaker for the Dead Vs. Shadow of the Hegemon Well filming on Ender’s Game is underway, we have an all-star cast and even a release date. If some recent rumors are to be believed a sequel is already planned and … Continue reading

The ‘Golden Compass’ Problem

Does a big buget and big stars mean a good movie? So recently I’ve been getting really excited about all the Ender’s Game movie news, especially the casting. I mean come on! Harrison Ford, THE Han Solo is going to … Continue reading

Does The Ender’s Game Movie Need A Star?

So do we need a Hollywood superstar as part of Ender’s Game? As far as it goes for us fan boys and girls – No, we’ll all be first in line to see Ender’s Game when it hits big screens. … Continue reading

Ender’s Game Movie – Peter the Psychopath

With film news, casting calls and information coming to us frequently about the upcoming Ender’s Game movie, I have, like many of you, been excitedly rereading all of my Enderverse books. Something is troubling me. According to io9‘s look at … Continue reading